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Livelink at Drupal Camp 2013

27th Nov 2013

The weekend of 22-24th November saw the North West’s own Drupal Camp take place in Manchester, which this year was sponsored by Livelink.

The aim of the three day event is to bring together individuals, agencies and businesses who are all interested in Drupal’s content management framework. 

The opening day, ‘Open for Business’, featured a number of inspirational keynote speakers and interactive workshops focussed on how online engagement can be improved using open source; for example through digital strategy, utilising big data and exploiting ecommerce opportunities. 

Livelink’s Managing Director, PK Vaish, held one of the workshops ‘Personalise and Prosper’, in which he explained how collecting and managing data can help businesses provide personalised experiences that lead to higher levels of engagement - and therefore higher ROI.

“It’s about really understanding your customers, developing a long term relationship and communicating with them on a one to one basis by sending highly personalised, timely and relevant emails.

“Those businesses that embrace personalisation are those that will prosper in the future.”

The rest of the weekend provided the opportunity for developers to meet other likeminded enthusiasts and learn about planned changes and improvements to Drupal’s open source CMS.

One of Livelink’s developers, Johnathan Glancy, spent the weekend there; “It was a great opportunity to hear a first-hand account of the reasoning behind using various components from the Symfony 2 framework by the guys that created it!

“It was also good for networking, finding out about what people in the slightly further-flung Drupal community are doing with their time and also exciting to hear about up and coming modules.”

To find out more about how we use Drupal at Livelink, just click here.