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Better by design

At Livelink, we appreciate the value of good design. Our creative team works holistically to support and reflect the ethos of your brand, producing statement designs that will draw in your audience and drive deeper engagement.

This is what we do

Eye-catching design is crucial to the digital mix as it is the creative element which is responsible for the initial engagement. We like to make an impact. 

Our focused approach is to design with the end-users and their personal experiences in mind, keeping the visitor’s journey simple and pleasurable while promoting all calls to action.

Brand Development
We understand the importance of branding and recognise that it gives your customers a sense of who you are. Given that, we create and design to provide your brand with a platform to reflect the individuality and the ethos of your business.
Our emails are designed to engage with content that is put together to be relevant, informative and entertaining. As mobile email opens have trebled in the last 12 months, we also ensure that all of our email designs are mobile-friendly so you don’t lose any opportunity to deepen the level of engagement.
Responsive Design
With over 50% of website users engaging via mobile, we design using responsive design technology to ensure that our clients have the most user-friendly websites that will also secure them high Google ranking.
App design
We design and build a range of apps on a variety of platforms. Before we build anything, we’ll help you to consider the purpose of the app and how to make it most engaging and user-friendly, targeting the right audience and making it ripe for social sharing, if relevant.
User Experience
As the user experience builds your customer relationships and has a direct impact on sales, it continues to be our main focus. We always design with the user in mind and we test those designs exhaustively to ensure that they enhance customer journeys and promote both longer stays and a high level of return visits.
We’re very good at designing Facebook pages and apps and, as a consequence, our social portfolio is bulging. Our Facebook apps encourage social sharing and referrals and will widen your audience as we know exactly how to maximise the impact of your presence on this social platform.

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