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What You’re Missing In Facebook Marketing

5th Sep 2014

Facebook can be a misunderstood tool in the marketing world. Most businesses use it, but many are unaware of its full potential. 

Like blog posts, press releases and newsletters; what you publish on social media reflects and promotes your brand.  By getting to grips with the data available through Facebook (Page likes, shares, location) you can identify customer interests and create great content your audience will want to read.  

It’s easy to enhance your content marketing strategy with Facebook; here’s what you’re missing. 

Facebook first-timers

If you’re new to Facebook, first thing’s first; create a Business Page. It’s simple to setup and you can link directly to your website. Over a billion people use Facebook across the world, and now you can join the conversation too. Connect with your target audience and invite potential customers to like and support your Page


Facebook is much more than just one post a day. Whilst publishing content on a regular basis is essential to establishing a strong social presence, it’s also important to make posts relevant and engaging. You’re competing against a constant stream of breaking news and must-read stories, so make your content count.   

Write with your audience in mind and experiment with different types of posts. Using the ‘Page Insights’ tool, you’ll soon see which content is most appreciated by customers. Incorporate images and video, include exclusive offers and competitions, and reward followers with useful apps. Social media works hand in hand with SEO, and with increased popularity comes increased rankings. Give people a reason to like your Page!  

Remember: Answer customer questions as quickly and efficiently as possible. Facebook has emerged as a direct medium for businesses to deal with consumer enquiries, so be responsive and proactive in your community management.  


One you’ve perfected your style, tone of voice and content types, the next step is to expand on your existing success and advertise.  Facebook ads allow you to find other people who are likely to be interested in your product. 

Creating ads is easy. Find the Ad Create tool on the admin panel of your Page and get started. Here you’ll be asked to choose a goal to focus on, such as promoting Page posts or increasing likes. From there, your new ad will be developed. 

What many don’t realise is the wealth of information Facebook ads have to offer. Through the ‘Interest Targeting tool,’ you can target Facebook users who like similar brands and products to yours. This not only increases reach and brand awareness, but it’s certain to improve sales.

The next step is to build on the new data you’ve generated. By analysing follower likes and interests, you can determine their favourite brands and the content that they respond well to. Facebook is also a useful tool in checking what competitors are doing. By gathering social data from their Pages, you can take inspiration and make your marketing plan even better.  

In terms of paying for ads, it’s completely your choice. Options include daily budgets, lifetime budgets, cost per click and cost per thousand impressions.  Head to your Ads Manager for further information. 


Finally, make the most of your measuring tools. Knowing your audience and what they’re searching for enables you to enhance your marketing campaign; to create useful, interesting content that’s sure to be read, shared and set you apart from competitors.  Page Insights open your eyes to what improvements need to be made and what’s required to increase engagement. 

For more tips and advice on how to maximise your social media campaign, get in touch at and we’ll get you on the right track.