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Top 5 Content Marketing Blunders

18th Jul 2013

Let’s be honest...

We all know that getting your content marketing spot on has never been more important. With more and more brands fighting with you to establish an online presence and make themselves heard, now is the time to seriously think about what you’re putting out there to make sure it’s hitting the right notes with your customers and working as hard as possible for your business. Take a look at our top five content marketing blunders for some handy pointers on what not to do…

1.Lose Focus

It’s easy to get carried away and try to make your content appeal to everyone. Let’s face it, you want to grab as much attention as possible. But it’s important to keep in mind exactly who your target audience is. Ask yourself, who am I really trying to appeal to? Keep your brand values and the aspirations of your clients firmly in mind throughout all your content and you’ll put across a solid and consistent message echoing the very foundations of a successful brand. 

2.Sporadic Posting

There’s nothing worse than a half-hearted attempt to engage with customers with the odd post here and there. If you really want to hammer home your message then get into a regular routine of posting, picking key times of the day, week and month for maximum impact. It might be hard work initially, but once you get into it and get the momentum going it really will pay off - and the benefits for your brand will be immense.

3.Overuse Of Keywords

Keywords, keywords, keywords. Annoying, isn’t it, reading the same word over and over again? Not only does the overuse of keywords create posts that don’t flow naturally for the reader, it also carries the risk of penalties from Google for not playing by the rules. Instead, remember the purpose of the article, who it’s aimed at (a human!) and try to make it as interesting and relevant as possible for that audience. That said, a few strategically placed keywords are fine. Just remember, don’t over-do it!

4.Make Mistakes

Get your facts right before you speak!!! If you really want to be taken seriously, then you’ve got to make sure your content is accurate. From spelling and grammar to facts and figures, it’s of utmost importance. Nobody is going to want to buy anything from a company that can’t spell properly. Ensuring everything is absolutely 100% perfect will help to foster a relationship with your customers built on trust and reliability. Can’t argue with that, can you?

5.Post For The Sake Of Posting

Falling into this trap is pretty easy as the pressure builds and the sense of a need to compete and ‘post the most’ grows. But, as the old saying goes, quality, not quantity should come first. Posts should be bold and exciting, engaging with the reader and encouraging them to share with their friends, therefore enhancing brand awareness. Over-posting tired, dull and meaningless material will have quite the opposite effect and is essentially a huge waste of time and resources.

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