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A digital practice that most of us have probably heard of but, unless we’re doing it, that’s about all, lead scoring is still unexplored territory for many. More than just a buzz phrase, the essence of lead scoring is that each visitor to your site is assigned a profile which tracks all of their activity, whether that comprises of a page view, a product placed in their basket or a form that he or she has filled out. Over time, this score changes to effectively represent just how interested each individual is in your offering, giving you a clear idea of what sells and what doesn’t and to whom.

Lead scoring is essentially a measuring process – in order to apply a score, you have to interpret behaviour. Measuring click throughs, page views or opt-ins enables you to determine the type of content that is most likely to appeal. Rather than single or short-term engagement, you can deliver momentum to the buying cycle and increase the likelihood of repeated purchases. What the score gives you is an indication of buying interest which will improve communications and increase your odds of making the sale.

Besides being a great way to allow you to find out how interested a prospect or customer is in your product or service, lead scoring also encourages you to take a proactive approach, enabling you to target said prospects and customers with relevant information at each stage of the sales funnel and giving you better opportunity to make the sale. By gathering valuable data to inform you at which points in the buying cycle you might need to take action, you can engage with customers, providing them with further information, for example, or a discount code to reignite their interest. This is a great way to enhance your marketing efforts and to make sure that no prospects are left behind.

The reason that lead scoring is so effective is because it enables you to clearly quantify how valuable each lead is to your business. You can therefore work out just how much attention you need to give to each lead in order to convert it which, ultimately, means you can strategically allocate resources effectively and drive revenue growth.

So maybe you think it won’t be easy to implement or that it sounds like it would be too time consuming? Well, you’d be wrong on both accounts. What’s more, once you’ve got it set up it pretty much looks after itself, with minimal maintenance required. 

It’s a basic no-brainer, particularly for those with busy ecommerce sites. Get in touch today and we’ll answer any question and fully explain why this will potentially give you your best ever return on investment and talk through how we can help you to set it up.