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Learn more about your customers – it increases revenue!

6th Oct 2014

The driving force behind an excellent digital strategy is comprehensive data. It holds key indications of customer wants and needs. 

Knowledge is power, and high level data is instrumental to supporting creative, engaging content. To emphasise its value, we’re taking a closer look at Trakapo; our online profiling system that tracks and analyses specific customer journeys. 

Data collation brings accuracy, efficiency and authority to a campaign. By catering to the individual and avoiding generic segments, you establish a greater trust in your customer base and as a result, increase revenue. 

Here’s what Trakapo can do for you.    

Data Capture and Profiling 

Its primary role is to track the visit of every customer. Whether they are logged-in or anonymous, you can monitor each individual response to your site and develop personal profiles across time. 

Unlike other tracking platforms, Trakapo allows you to track every interaction the visitor performs, including clicks, page visits, form fills, basket creation, checkout stages and more. From each IP address (geo-location) and device used, you gain important information that can then be used to revaluate and perfect your customer journeys. 

The data you collect through Trakapo is assigned to personal profiles. Each tracked action is considered as a ‘score,’ with the total number of ‘scores’ referred to as the ‘lead score.’  By analysing your lead scores you can determine which demographic offers the most value, who to prioritise and where to make improvements. 

What’s more, Trakapo is set up with an alert system that highlights the most engaged visitors (whose scores have increased by a given amount in a given timeframe). 


Similar to Google Remarketing, Trakapo improves brand awareness and customer engagement through personalisation. Based on current or past behaviour, you can display alternative banners on your webpage according to who’s viewing them. Personalisation encourages prospects to interact with your site, as you’re providing content that’s relevant and useful to their search.  

Trakapo works hand in hand with our marketing automation services. The data collated triggers personalised, automated emails when a customer performs certain call-to-actions, like cart abandonment for example. This allows your business to reengage with customers and increase conversions. 


Trakapo offers numerous intelligence opportunities to enhance your marketing strategy. Using the data, we can create an advanced ERFM (engagement, recency, frequency and monetary value) segmentation model for your customer base. 

From this you can identify and group specific customer types, based on their site visits; from loyal, engaged customers to less frequent visitors. These segments can then be given a proposition in real-time by email or during their web visit.

With Trakapo, you can also display key performance metrics through the use of real-time dashboards. These can include ten best products, ten best customers, most engaged visitors – the choice is yours. Data visualisation is a great means of tracking and understanding customer buying trends. 

Trakapo is the perfect way to find out what your customers really want. Through marketing intelligence and analytics, you can create an amazing campaign that ticks every box.  

A personal touch is essential to getting your content noticed. Using data, you can see where copy is needed and which touch points receive the most engagement. Trakapo is the springboard to a successful digital strategy.   

For more information on what Trakapo can do for your business, get in touch at The Livelink team are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our profiling system.