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In the kingdom of the internet there is one ruler: content

9th Feb 2012

The internet is a raucous playground, full of firms vying for attention. As millions of websites look to grab you, there is one voice that shouts louder than the rest: the voice of authority. How, then, do you become that voice? 

Imagine shelling out on a Ferrari then never putting the keys in the ignition. Thousands of pounds worth of supercar, left in a garage to rust.

Website strategies are much the same. Initial investment is vital – an easily navigated website with a strong corporate identity is attractive to customers. However, as important is maintenance. After all, who wants to drive a rusty old banger?

All too often, companies will employ the expertise of a design agency to get them started, then forget about the crucial part: content.

Real time content; real time results

Having a proper content marketing strategy in place can be the difference between success and failure. It is a combination of three facets: digital content; editorial calendar; an online distribution system. But what makes it so important?

The idea is simple. Instead of blanketing visitors with crass commercial messages, the goal is to provide information that is both appreciated and valued by those who are actively searching for a solution.

That’s an idea worth repeating. A content marketing strategy provides content for people who are actively searching for your product in real time. Right here. Right now. By providing them with content that is searchable and relevant, you stand to build authority. Authority generates trust. Trust generates business. Business generates profits.

Authority generates trust. Trust generates business. Business generates profits.

It’s all about putting up content, attracting visitors and converting them into clients. Think creating, publishing and promoting information for your industry. What are the big issues, trends and innovations? Where can you help your client achieve their goals?  How can they improve profits?

The secret to a good content marketing strategy is putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Make it personal through real-life case studies; solve their problems for them without recourse. Be the ‘go-to guy’ and they’ll come back for more. 

Content really is king

For too long, firms have been focused on the SEO or pay-per-click advertising route to bump up their search engine rank. A growing number also store the data generated by the website for use in intelligent marketing campaigns.

Of course, Google ranking is crucial, but given recent changes in their algorithms, optimisation is becoming secondary. Google likes quality, and so do visitors to websites.

For too long, firms have been focused on the SEO or pay-per-click advertising

By frequently updating your site with fresh content, you stand to build customer relations that, ultimately, will drive both sales and your Google rank. Sites that offer relevant information stand to gain the most visibility, so make sure your content is complete, expert and original. 

Create ideas and be brave. Nobody ever won anything without taking a few risks. Make content that gets people talking and use social media to react and interact with your audience.

You’ve all heard the phrase ‘content is king’. Bill Gates said it over 15 years ago, and never has it been more pertinent. Give your visitors the content they want, when they want it and it will drive traffic and, ultimately, profits. After all, people like to buy, not to be sold. And that’s something worth shouting about.