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Kickin’ it all the way to Portland…

16th May 2013

Anyone going to Drupalcon next week in Portland needs to look out for Livelink’s very own PK Vaish who is presenting with guest speaker and head of Manchester United Soccer School’s Edoardo Abis.

PK’s using the forum as an opportunity to present the work that Livelink has recently undertaken for MUSS which stands as a strong example of how ecommerce websites and email marketing can work best at sales lead generation.

MUSS makes for a vibrant and interesting case study because of the nature of its product and the scale of its deliverability – not to mention the big brand names like Nike and Manchester United that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with this international authentic football coaching experience.

Rather than talk about the services Livelink delivers and the concepts that drive them, PK has opted to present a full case study which is currently live and driving big results. By providing a real life, big brand name example and bringing the client with him to provide a live testimonial (!!!), PK hopes to make the most impact and deliver something of real value to the audience. He will be talking about how we’ve helped MUSS to reach its target market around the world whilst creating a consistent digital presence, merging three global websites into one hub portal, enabling partners to sell unique products in their local markets.

Oh and it’s all done using the genius that is Drupal and Drupal Commerce!

Click below to view and hear the presentation given at DrupalCon