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Join The Discussion- How To Maximise your LinkedIn presence

15th Mar 2013


LinkedIn surfaced as a social media site with a focus on business connections in 2003. It’s grown exponentially since, with 47.6 million members globally. It’s a great way to get your company out there in the professional world and it’s becoming an increasingly important showcase for your business to potential clients and employees. Therefore you must ensure you are broadcasting your company in the best way in order to enhance your LinkedIn discussions.

1.Fill In The Information

All though it may be time consuming, it is a necessity to make sure you have all the correct information on your LinkedIn page. Put as much information on the page as you can. It’s important that your existing colleagues have LinkedIn so onlookers can actually see what each employee does. It’s also vital to fully outline your offered services so potential customers know exactly what you can deliver. Be clear and concise as a long list of varied skills can sometimes look like you’re exaggerating your true talents.  

2.Get Involved In Groups And Discussions

In order to keep an active profile you should constantly associate your LinkedIn page within relevant discussions. This includes asking questions, which would then lead you to linking up certain news articles, which can eventually lead to moderating a group. This is a great way to enhance more people to observe your LinkedIn page.  Just remember to keep discussions that you comment on or start relevant to your line of business. Commenting on irrelevant topics will dilute your expertise and of course, be time-consuming. 

3.Get Recommendations 

Recommendations of your services are an incredibly powerful tool. As discussed earlier, you should outline your offerings as a company. People can recommend these skills, which is a great reference for your company. It’s not difficult to ask for recommendations, however it does purely depend on the relationship you’ve had with those you are asking this favor from. A few detailed recommendations is worth more than many sparse ones.