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I tweet, you tweet… but do we listen?

Twitter can sometimes feel like a noisy school playground, with everyone shouting at the top of their voices to try and get themselves heard. If you shout the loudest, you’re sure to get noticed, right?

Well, not exactly, no. What many brands don’t seem to have grasped is that twitter is actually a two way street. Yes, it’s lovely to boast about your latest products and get that celebrity endorsement churned out every thirty minutes, but is that what your followers really want?

Let’s go back to the playground. Remember when you were a kid? All you really wanted was to think that someone was listening to you. Just an acknowledgement that your joke about that kid from year four was funny. Well, twitter’s not too dissimilar really. If you give your followers something back, the way in which they view your brand will alter drastically. You’re saying ‘Hey, I care about what you have to say.’ They’re thinking ‘Wow, I love that they care about ME!’

Twitter presents you with a massive opportunity to humanise your brand, to engage with your followers, and nurture them into loyal customers. If you take the time to give them a bit of attention, chances are, next time they’re shopping, they’ll remember that and reward you by spending their cash with you. Isn’t that what you want?

Sometimes a little bit of attention can go a long way. Use those 140 characters wisely. Listen to what people are saying in response to your tweets. Do they like what you’re saying? Do they have some useful feedback? Maybe they just want to say how much they like your brand. But don’t just take it for granted. In the world of social media, customers are fickle. It only takes a few seconds to hit the ‘unfollow’ button. The lesson? Value them now, or lose them forever.

We’ve put together a really useful guide on how to make sure you’re getting the most out of Twitter for your business. Did I mention that it’s free? You can download it here

If you’d prefer, you can get in touch with one of the team here at Livelink for a chat about your social media strategy.