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How to Promote Your Brand Through Pinterest

16th Jan 2013

Pinterest is the ever-growing alternative social media site hitting 10 million unique hits in the US. The content sharing service site allows its members to ‘pin’ anything from images to articles. More and more businesses are taking an interest into Pinterest and want to be part of the new social media buzz.

Here’s five helpful tips to make sure you are promoting your brand to its best potential on Pinterest…

1. Make Sure Your Viewers Have Always Got The Option To ‘Pin’

In order to use Pinterest to its best ability you must give your customers the option pin anything you are marketing, this will then allow other Pinterest users to view the pin and then potentially view your business website. (Follow this simple video to install a ‘pin it’ button

2.  Entice Regular Pinterest Users 

Popular Pinterest users have many followers, many of which can simply be strangers who follow similar interests. If you entice the people who are interested in your company they can then bring in new followers and potential customers. 

3. Make Sure Your ‘Pins’ Are Relevant And Eye Catching 

Pinterest is all about attractive images, so it’s important to catch the viewer’s eye and grab their attention; that way you can lead them to other pins you may have on Pinterest. 

4. Allocate Specific Roles In The Business To Work On Pinterest

Popular Pinterest users are the key to promoting your brand through Pinterest, therefore it will be worthwhile allocating time to focus on the customers that ‘pin’ content about your company. This will allow you to study other interests that those who have pinned your companies articles and then you can write articles on those interests they may have, maintaining their viewing of your company. 

5. Be Original

Rather than just talking about your brand, relate to your competitors, post interesting and current content. This means your followers will go to you for information and entertainment rather than just as a customer.