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Create an impact with your next email campaign

We’ve all been there. The results from your latest email campaign are back and they don’t make for pleasant reading...

With more and more marketers turning to email as a primary way to communicate with their customers and prospects, you’re not the only one trying to cut through the noise and command attention. But, with a bit of planning, you could make a real difference to your next campaign… 

Decide on a key message

If you want to create a successful campaign, you’ll need to decide what it’s going to focus on right from the start. There’s no point having several different themes and sub-topics. If you do, the overall message will just get diluted and, consequently, the recipient will fail to act on the information. Choose one powerful key message and stick with it throughout each stage of the campaign. That way, you should find you’re far more likely to get the end result you want.

Focus on the customer, not you

It’s really easy to fall in to the trap of talking about yourself, with even the most modest of marketers resorting to talking about what ‘We do’ and ‘We specialise in’. But, hang on a minute – aren’t you here to meet your customers’ needs? To really make an impact, tell your customers what you can do for them. Make the customer the focus of your campaign. They’ll notice it, feel like you understand them, and then, most importantly, they’ll want you to help them. Try it.

Plan your content

Ah yes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Cliché, maybe, but if you’re planning an email campaign, making sure your content is spot on ultimately means you’re going to grab your prospects’ attention and encourage them to find out more. From the subject line down to the imagery, every part of your campaign should be planned to present a unified image and reinforce your key message. Have a clear call to action in each email, to spur the recipient to do whatever it is you want them to do. 

Decide on the frequency

How much is too much? Well, it all depends on the type of campaign you’re going to be running. What’s important is that you take in to consideration the fact that the recipient is likely to be busy and receiving a vast quantity of emails from you will likely result in them clicking ‘delete’. For a drip campaign, once or twice a month should be more than enough. For a promotional sales campaign, on the other hand, you might be looking at once or twice a week.  

Plan your responses

So, you’ve initiated your campaign. You’re getting some great leads. Oh, erm… Did you forget to plan what to do next? Don’t fall in to this trap - make sure you’ve got a plan in place to respond to and nurture these leads to ensure they go on to be loyal customers. Planning follow up telephone calls, or offering product demonstrations are just two ways to carry on the lead nurturing process. Whatever you do, make sure you do something to build on the success of your email campaign!

Did you know? We’re experts in planning effective email marketing campaigns. Just drop us a line and we’ll get the ball rolling.