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Choose email marketing over social media - here's why!

Email has provided a reliable means of communication to internet users for over 30 years and this won’t be changing anytime soon. “91% of consumers check their email once a day;” highlighting the existing need for email content. Think about it; we fall in and out of love with social media all the time. How often do we consider deleting our email accounts? 

Whilst social media offers instant gratification and ‘quick likes;’ email is dependable and consistent – no questions asked. To ignore its potential would be a huge waste of opportunity. Adapt to the changing nature of digital marketing and email can work wonders for your strategy. 

Still not convinced? 

Don’t get us wrong, social media is important. It supports great content, sparks conversation and gets your brand out there. But what Twitter and Facebook don’t offer, is longevity. 

According to Econsultancy, “email is the second most trusted channel for customers to share information across.” This implies two things: firstly, that email communication is one of the best sources for collating accurate consumer data, and secondly that users read and value email content. 

The report continues by saying that the “open rate for email is generally 20% - 30%.” This makes your brand message five times more likely to be seen via email than Facebook.  What’s more, on comparing click-through rates from Twitter (0.5%) to email (3%); you’re six times more likely to get a click-through from email than Twitter.

The stats speak for themselves. By investing in email marketing, you’ve a greater chance of increasing conversions and engaging with customers through one-to-one communication. 

Top 5 Benefits

Email automation is an asset to any business strategy; here’s why:

1. Cost: email marketing is far cheaper to produce than alternative media, like direct mail for example.

2. Builds long-lasting relationships: in providing genuinely valuable content, you earn your customers’ trust and encourage them to repeat sales. It also creates an opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell without seeming too pushy. Through implementing an effective lead nurturing programme, it’s easy to increase customer retention and loyalty. 

3. Data: email marketing allows businesses to collate useful data. From tracking software, you can determine which content readers interact with best, and where to make future improvements. Not only this, but personalised emails also encourage customers to be more receptive to requests; to fill out questionnaires, surveys and product reviews. This data is useful across all channels. 

4. Direct response: catch a customer’s eye with the right information, offer or invite, and you’ll receive an immediate response; driving traffic straight to your site. 

5. Increase conversions: personalised email automation is integral to securing sales. Customers visit a site multiple times before making a purchase, and the content you send can have a huge influence on their final decision. Unlike social media, email caters to specific wants and needs, and customers appreciate this. It’s for this reason email marketing promises a high ROI (rate of interest). 

Where do I sign-up?

Master the art of email marketing and you’ll soon reap the benefits. It’s simple; make your content worth reading, and customers will interact with it. 

If your automation system isn’t up to scratch, get in touch. As market leaders, we know what works. Either drop us an email at or call for a quick chat on 0161 870 8194. From first-class design to personalised content, let us do the hard work for you.