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All roads lead to Drupal - Announcing Livelink DrupAtlas

21st Oct 2011

Livelink’s latest contribution to Drupal is something we are keen to shout about and as we completed the final touches this week, and tweaked and prepped it to an inch of its life, now we can...

Big drum roll then for Livelink’s DrupAtlas - The Drupal Adoption Map. We have designed and developed a map which shows where the significant Drupal websites are around the world. Members of the Drupal community can add to the map and put on the websites they’ve been involved in as they are completed.

"We can only encourage you to explore, contribute and spread the word about it."
Daniel Truninger, Amazee Labs

It’s quite simply a quick and easy way to identify the level of Drupal adoption and in which geographical areas and commercial sectors we are seeing the highest numbers. The map gives you the opportunity to search out Drupal websites, city by city and town by town.

"Nice to see the Open Source community letting the world see what we’re capable of. From a Joomla guy, kuddos"
Marcos Peebles,

You can change the options to search by sector and it’s an excellent way to quickly filter out non-Drupal sites. There is also a thumbnail description linked to each company website listed to provide immediate basic information of what the company does.

Another step forward in marketing Drupal and raising the profile!

Visit DrupAtlas