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An Affaire to Remember

9th Dec 2011

From fuel products to the finest lingerie, both Drupal 7 and Livelink have exerted their powers of flexibility in recent months with two of the most progressive e-commerce sites to-date.

Last week we launched for on-line lingerie retailer, French Affaires. The website is built on Drupal 7, using Drupal Commerce, which is fast-emerging as the best way to build e-commerce sites and certainly the most capable when handling complex product attributes. Lingerie is notoriously difficult to deliver due to all the different permutations in the sizing alone, before you consider the colour and fabric choices. Added to that, with Christmas looming, French Affaires had a particularly tight launch deadline which required all hands on deck.

The all-male development team heroically stepped in to help this exclusive women’s lingerie brand. They insisted on spending all the hours necessary poring over shots of beautiful women in their smalls to ensure that French Affaires would not miss out on the seasonal peak selling times that all retailers are conditioned to adhere to. It was a difficult job but someone had to do it….

It was an equally successful launch – if not so glamorous – a couple of months ago when we gave Coals2U’s popular coal e-commerce site an overhaul to improve usability and further increase customer conversion rates. The site’s overhaul – using Drupal 7 – lifts it to the highest industry standard, employing the most cutting edge technology to get the best results.

So we’ve gone from coal to knickers in a few weeks. Looking forward to what a few months will bring!