Lead Generation

Getting a fresh influx of visitors to your website is the easy bit.

The trick lies in bringing them back and converting them into customers… And that’s where we come in.

At Livelink, we don’t believe in building websites without a marketing strategy in place. We aim to provide a variety of marketing solutions, including content planning, SEO, nurturing emails, mobile messaging and surveys, to ensure that your website is primed to foster repeat visits and encourage the type of interaction that generates new leads. Our visitor tracking and lead scoring systems, combined with drag and drop campaign manager, allow you to communicate effectively in a timely and relevant fashion. 

Our integrations with Salesforce, Dynamics and Sugar CRM systems deliver sales-ready leads to sales teams for personal follow up, complete with all the information relating to user interactions, providing the intelligence to help close the deal. 

Drop us a line and we’ll call you to discuss it further.