Pinterest is the latest craze in the social network, giving users a way to creatively share their interests with one another.

Set to grow exponentially in the UK in 2013, Pinterest uses images to convey messages, providing a unique way for companies to communicate with their audiences and opening up a new channel for those audiences to engage with individual brands.

Sharing images with friends means that users can choose to share images of your products, easily creating a viral effect. Posting your product images, promotional videos or advertisements into relevant categories exposes your products to Pinterest users who may then add the images to their boards which get shared with friends. Livelink can advise you on how to set up, manage and optimise your Pinterest boards as well as show you ways to bring in other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter for even better results. 


An underestimated social network with massive potential for B2B companies, LinkedIn Is the professional social network which allows you to interact with a business-minded audience.

As one of the most visited websites in the United Kingdom, it’s not a channel to ignore for those wanting to gain competitive advantage.

Livelink offers fully-fledged strategies for LinkedIn that are aimed at increasing your company’s worth by ensuring your business builds a growing following. Becoming engaged with groups and discussions around what your business offers can help it to gain credibility. Constantly updating your stakeholders, we will help you to find the right conversations to join. We offer a fully-managed service as well as initial consultations to get you started.