Content Marketing

Regular and relevant exposure helps to build relationships between a brand and its customers and gives those relationships some meaning.

The term ‘content marketing’ has been coined for the creation of valuable content that delivers that exposure and sucks the prospect into the sales funnel. 

The lead generation process hinges on the delivery of relevant content that the prospect is searching for, for both inbound and outbound communications. This process starts in the search engines. Constantly feeding relevant content into search engines will improve your rankings and bring relevant traffic to your website, allowing you to engage prospects with more information and resources to support your proposition. 

Good content can take many forms. Publishing blogs, how-to guides and webinars is a great way to position yourself as an opinion leader and your company as one that solves business problems. This activity also supports SEO to acquire relevant traffic. Following up with lead nurturing emails will then keep you in the mind of the prospect and gently propel him or her towards the purchase decision, making the virtuous circle complete.    

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